This is the documentation for Superforms version 1. The latest version can be found at!

Loading timers

It’s important that the users understand that things are happening when they submit a form. Loading timers give us a way of providing feedback when there is a server response delay, for example by displaying a spinner icon.


const { form, enhance, submitting, delayed, timeout } = superForm(data.form, {
  delayMs?: 500
  timeoutMs?: 8000

delayMs should be positive and always smaller than or equal to timeoutMs, otherwise the timer behavior will be undefined. And of course, the Superforms use:enhance must be added to the form element, since this is client-side behavior.

Submit state

After a certain time when the form is submitted, determined by delayMs and timeoutMs, the timers changes state. The states are:

       0 ms         500 ms    8000 ms

These states affect the readable stores submitting, delayed and timeout, returned from superForm. They are not mutually exclusive, so submitting won’t change to false when delayed becomes true.

Loading indicators

A perfect use for these timers is to show a loading indicator while the form is submitting:


<script lang="ts">
  const { form, errors, enhance, delayed } = superForm(data.form);
  import spinner from '$lib/assets/spinner.svg';

<form method="POST" use:enhance>
  {#if $delayed}<img src={spinner} />{/if}

The reason for using delayed instead of submitting is based on the article Response Times: The 3 Important Limits, which states that for short waiting periods, no feedback is required except to display the result. Therefore, delayed is used to show a loading indicator after a little while, not instantly.

Visualizing the timers

Submit the following form and play around with the different settings. Different loading spinners are set to display when delayed and timeout are true respectively.

Submit multiple times to see the effect of the multipleSubmits option as well.

       0 ms         500 ms    2000 ms

By experimenting with the timers and the delay between them, it’s certainly possible to prevent the feeling of unresponsiveness. Please share your results on Discord or Github, if you do!