This is the documentation for Superforms version 1. The latest version can be found at!


Contributions to Superforms are very welcome! The issues and discussion pages on Github are always open for comments, and if you want to contribute some code, it’s quite easy. Just fork either the Superforms repository or its website, and then you just need to execute the following to be up and running:

npm install
npm run dev
pnpm install
pnpm dev

If you find a typo on the website, you can make a quick PR directly in its Github repository.


If you're using Superforms in non-profit circumstances, the library is completely free; a star on Github is more than enough if you want to give your support. But if you are using Superforms in a commercial project, would you or the company you work for consider donating?

If you have appreciated my support on Discord and Github, or want to ensure that things keep rolling, please support open source software in this way.

Any $10 or more monthly donation will be listed on the Sponsors page with a picture and link!

Voting on new features

You can give a thumbs up on the Github issues marked with “enhancement”, and I will prioritize the ones with highest votes for the next feature release.